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Pre-Construction Services


Site Evaluation Services

We provide due diligence services like soils investigations, topographical surveys, and environmental studies to optimize the land development.

Architectural and Engineering Services

Our architectural and engineering experts are unparalleled. We partner and employ the industry's top architects and engineers to develop a construction plan that satisfies functionality, aesthetic and budget requirements.

Compliance Approvals

We will manage the review and approval processes of all governmental agencies and utilities that have jurisdiction over your project to ensure compliance with all regulations.


Our construction team will provide you with early and accurate estimates on your project, which are vital to delivering a successful construction project.

Value Engineering

Our experienced team will recommend materials, building systems and equipment, advise on constructability and provide alternatives to help meet your budget goals.

Preliminary Scheduling

Your project team will establish initial target dates for various project milestones, allowing you to make critical time-related decisions.

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